2016 Election

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The world watches as numbers trickle in. Each state lights up in hues of red or blue. Hope for a female president grows thin. The man governed by hate now governs you.  
Dedicated to the 2016 Presidential Election People still wonder how could this happen. How could the Apprentice leave a job of acting. The most unqualified president ever? Maybe we should understand the game better.
I, too, hear America singing I am appalled by the dissonance piercing my ears I am abandoned by this country I call home I don’t want to hear their justifications or accusations
It was Wednesday, November 9th, the day after Our heads throbbed with the reality that Donald Trump won, and Hillary Clinton lost. Our eyes spilled over, like an uncontrollable landslide, blocking the road ahead.
You reach in  and depending on how you move how you think  how you learned studied, watched. you can pull your hand out with so many things.
The more I wait The more I see 2016 wasn’t meant to be   There were two parties Two different views
Trump, Clinton, fear, hope, Dissapointed, can't give up Empathy is key
Lovely that we get to live here.                                      Grateful for the hard work of someone else,                               For Chance
Equality to open minded Race to friendships Money for change   2016 was change More freedom So I thought  
November 9th, 2016 and my eyes restrain tears I feel the wrath of hundreds of eyes locking onto mine as I walk down the hallways of my high school
Womanhood -- Coming up in me, about to burst like a hot spring. When you're told, told all of the time that you can't -- That you can't shatter or break out of that "bell jar". 
The power of the people And money's cruel sword Cuts in like a needle As corrupt politicians fight to become our lords   With a party split It burns itself apart  As leaders of green wit
This past year  I reflect that event  Where our new president-elect  Became Donald Trump.  Not only stunned hearts,  But shattered faith  To the country  I thought we could trust. 
I scream not only because I am angry not only because  I am afraid I scream because of my shame my dying hope for a world at peace. It takes only one day to destroy hope
“Women these days think they Can do whatever they want with their bodies- That is false.”Said my community preacher:
“Women these days think they Can do whatever they want with their bodies- That is false.”Said my community preacher:
“Women these days think they Can do whatever they want with their bodies- That is false.”Said my community preacher:
I'm watching the two candidates on my television. I am already having the vision. Of our country becoming divided. I wonder who my friends sided with. Will it be him or her? I surely don't know.
I'm white Donald Trump is Daddy
I remember at the start Everybody prayed Twenty sixteen please be better They said and said and said  I remember at the start
We, the young aged by hate, torn by lonesome longing for days hidden in future history,  Stalked by a past twisted and turned by beliefs and  banter... ugly. We, the few jaded and new,
I wonder how long we hold feud To what is red and what is blue Yet our eight legged branch can't walk On a single file ant line to the booth For the new insect order say to be behind the head
Bellowing mouths Verbal missiles, horrendous crimes Smiling posters, teeth real and artificial Gaudy colors, Green, Blue and Red Harry potters, Santa Clauses, Conjurers of Paradise, of an Arcadian world
So much of you to see and hear-Too much; I'd rather not.Anything you say or doBecomes a topic that is "hot":  
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