When Will Love Trump Hate?

The more I wait

The more I see

2016 wasn’t meant to be


There were two parties

Two different views

With wishes and dreams of presidency


It created division

It created anger

It created an atmosphere of hate


How dare he say Mexicans are rapists?

How dare he say Muslims are terrorists?

How dare he claim immigrants ruin this country when this country was made by immigrants?


His lies have been accepted

His actions have been embraced

But his hypocrisy has stained us in more ways than one


His words have been quoted

His words have been spread

His words are the ones that bully and scare


I have fought for myself

I have cried for my family

I have feared for America

This fear is being resonated throughout the world

This fear has crept up on us for lack of better words

This fear was always there and for the next four years, will remain


Yet, he has won

He has won

He has won


How can we continue with this?

How will we continue like this?

Now, we must learn to defend ourselves and fight for the ones we love


We say Love Trumps Hate?

I am curious to know

Does Love Trump Hate?


Does Love Trump Hate?

For the next four years, we must prove that it does

We must prove that we are greater than the discrimination we will be presented with


On this day

January 20th, 2017

I write, “I am still with her”


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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