Womanhood --

Coming up in me, about to burst like a hot spring.

When you're told, told all of the time that you can't --

That you can't shatter or break out of that "bell jar". 

That glass that keeps us trapped inside. 

When you win, you lose. You lose because the system wants you to fail.

Like any other minority. 


We are ants burning under a magnifying glass -- women in 2016. 

And the men -- the politicians, the news anchors, the rising demagogue  --

They all want to see how long it takes for the insects that we are to perish, waste away, and give up.


It is time for an uprising.

It is time for no glass ceilings.

The girls of 2016 have been baptized by hellfire.

We will be the Women of 2017. 


After a millenia of being second class citizens, naive children incapable of making our own decisions,

there is hope in revolution. 

There is hope in the tremors all around us. 

There is hope in every girl and woman

that we can all overcome.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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