Salt of the Earth


United States
37° 55' 12.7416" N, 122° 17' 37.4748" W

“Women these days think they

Can do whatever they want

with their bodies-

That is false.”

Said my community preacher:

White. Middle aged. Man.

The prime recipe for patriarchy

Staple food for America

For Saudi Arabia

For Iran


Like salt, the universal food

Sprinkled everywhere:

In the workplace

In the universities

In the home


White crystalline compound

Feeling invisible. No

You are crystal clear to us


The 'salt of the earth'


Salt is

Harsh to the tongue

Speech without thought


That which burns wet skin

Wet with the tears of our mothers

Wet with the sweat of hard work

Wet with the showers of our pride


You use salt to preserve

food once “your women”

stop cooking it


Tell me what you will do

Once “your women”

Stop cooking

Once there is no more

Salt left




And so, when He asks me to

Pass the salt, bitch

I will surprise him with pepper

This poem is about: 
Our world


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