*All I Need Scholarship Slam*

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       i need you "please"     but you need me                           really?      yes, i don't care what they say                 or what they mean
Is it just me, or has life kinda lost its sense of  euphoria? Like its become mundane in a way? I mean ,like, it's a beautiful day
My cracked lips define the need to eat something salty or else collapse At this point I am delusional and unaware of how much time has lapsed  The large blue panorama that defines my surrounding space
When the pain sets in and your heart begins to sink, you almost forget you were born a human and not a robot as the weight suddenly becomes too heavy to hold. As you bite down on your quivering lips and inhale through your nose.
If there were a thing I could not live without, it would be storytelling, and there is no doubt. Stories are everything, if you look all around throughout all existence, there are tales to be found.
I am in love with what nature gave me The ultimate gift One that will never be put in the trash or given away It brings me joy, creativity, and life
    Wether bounding through childhood Or tripping through my teens My one necesity remained the same This Mother of Mine, My Person   The conversations filled with guidence
Her mind lives in a beautiful oasis, A bright blue ocean, vast and lively. Filled with terror and past experiences. Roaming the halls for security.
All I need is the silky touch of you, Oh, how I love the texture and length Of your soul. You make my days Brighter, cleaner, whiter.  
I’ll see you after seasons change when we’re bundled up again, when breezes penetrate thermal layers and our fat gloved hands are teenagers again, awkwardly holding each other in your coat’s
She's taken everything for granted. Her friends, her family, and her freedom have never been appreciated. She never realized she had done it. But now, as she lays there, naked and bare, on this cold table
We don’t talk a lot about ears, do we? They’re seen as simply the masses of flesh attached to the sides of newly Formed heads at birth Not seen in most respects as something of worth and yet
A thread is nothing without a needle A moth is lost without light  A cookie will always be missing it's completing factor without that full glass of milk And life seems small without my sister  
some people might bring a person like a close friend or someone in their family, some people might bring a physical thing like a stuffed animal or a ring, but something that i would bring that is really close to me,
Life, Love, Happiness. Three existential ideas All provided by The Giver, The one who breathes light Into dark.
Memories. Scrapbook full of memories Most dear to me. Sudden separation from civilization,
All I need... An open mind. All I need... Are open eyes. All I need... An open heart. An open mind knows of a different world. A world that was and is and will ALWAYS be here.
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