As She Lays There

She's taken everything for granted.

Her friends, her family, and her freedom

have never been appreciated.

She never realized she had done it.

But now, as she lays there,

naked and bare, on this cold table

with no one and nothing,

she realizes she couldn't

live without them there.

She'd found a sense of belonging

with her best friends.

A sense of love

with her family.

A sense of security

before he came along.

She never looked close enough.

And as she lays there

she knew she did not fancy

this newfound loneliness.

Life itself meant nothing

if she could not have

her friends and family

close to her heart anymore.

If she ever saw them again,

she'd thank them over and over

for giving her a life

that meant something.

And as she lays there,

she'd give anything to go back

and use her last breath

to tell them she appreciates them

and couldn't live without them.


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