What would I bring?

some people might bring a person like a close friend or someone in their family,

some people might bring a physical thing like a stuffed animal or a ring,

but something that i would bring that is really close to me,

is something you can't touch, you can't feel, or see,

it's a man not of this world, but who looks down on us and is so concerned,

concerned about you and who is concerned about me,

 so if i could bring one thing it would be my faith in my God who has done exceedingly and abundantly, 

for faith is the only reason i am here,

for faith is what keeps me sane and draws me near,

having faith in my God because he always sees me through,

he's never turned his back on me NOT ONCE, and he pulls me through,

through the good times and through the bad,

he wipes away my tears when i'm lonely and when i'm sad,

so what i would bring would be nothing but the faith in my king,

because he supplies my every need,

and because i know he will always watch over me, 

see my faith is the single most important thing to me,

a lot of people might think it's dumb but you can't speak on my faith if you haven't heard my testimony,

i've come a long way from where I was by his grace and his mercy,

so you ask if i could bring one thing on a deserted island what would it be?

my faith in my God because he is all i need. 

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