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I am a gift of aphroditie the goddess of love,beauty and pleaser yet i have the caurse of heartbreak, and unpleasable I am blessed by medusa the holy woman of wisdom and battle
Medusa, Queen of Snakes, but yet a gentle soul, and all she wanted to do was bake, so she grabbed the coal and began to work on making the bread and all accross the land they knew her name,
Gorgon, they cry. Hideous, repulsive, Terrible So ugly she'd freeze you in your tracks-- forever.  But her ugliness is hard won And she wears it with a chin held high,
Medusa, With her sweet words and flaxen curls, soft skin and kind eyes, Was beautiful, ethereal in her manner and dress, memorable in the minds of all who met her. And this was her downfall.
If Medusa was a modern-day woman, I imagine she would be a part of the MeToo movement.  
That sneaky Medusa, Far trickier than you're used 'ta   She'll come through your phone And turn you right into stone   Don't be fooled by snapchat filters She's the real deal, mister!
As her hips sway to rhythm of song, She mischievously tempts young fools along.  Her matted mound of curly hair And viscious, cold, icy glare Leaves all the men imobile as stone
Medusa was an ugly girl, Or so the stories told. Her looks might not have been ideal, But she had a heart of gold.   
He wanted her,  so he took her.  With violence and thrashing and might.  He left her on shore with nothing  but the foam lapping at her limp feet  and the rising sun reflecting off of her hair
Attacked on the steps of my own church,  I sought the guidance of god. She granted me protection,  A shield turned weapon, to turn the head of any attacker,
 “Click...Clack” the heels hit the ground at a rhythm. Hiss!!! The snakes glare forward with their heads held high each wearing designer Ray-Ban sunglasses that shimmer in the sun.
Her unseeing eyes see me, More clearly than I could ever have dreamed. Her kindness envelops me like sunlight,  Chasing away terrors that have haunted me since the day 
  Where have the Old Gods gone?   Athena walks around college campuses Books in her bag And a switchblade under her tongue
Phorcys and Ceto, two siblings so close, They birthed three healthy gorgons out of passionate throes. Two of the girls had interests that align,
I died my hair bright red the other day; now my curls are poisonous snakes. Twisting, turning, tangling.   We know that in nature, bright colors mean posionous.
I Never Asked Why Me. I Never Cursed The Names Of Those Who Bashed Me Thinking Their Words Meant Nothing Through Tiny Screens In Their Hands. I Didn't Consider Myself A Victim,
There once was a woman, with skin like cream and features fair, with eyes of emerald green; with a robust body and fine gold hair.  
You look at me  and it's for the first time, mind you and with all you can see you miss my snakes hissing from the top of my head   So I look down at you because it's the first time for me too
1. a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.  
Another day. Another stone Another potential boyfriend gone  Meeting face to face won't work for me  Because those I meet tend to freeze
She wasn't Medusa, But she can turn a man into stone with a single glance. The words she spoke Made every women believe they were in a trance. They all know what happened. Why she is the way she is.
The Greek white columns stood fierce and erect-- all things I only wish I could be.   I stepped into the courthouse Afraid and uncertain,
The Mask You Wear    No one would mess with Medusa   With her tangled hair like snakes  Oh the things she’d do to ya’
my hair used to be my most prized possession (so i cut it shoulder-length and dyed it black) as were my dignity and worth, but right now 
She found me in pieces, Broken in an alley.  Picked me up, Carried me home and gave me a bed to rest in. I dreamt  of Him….
Potential prom queenBeautiful and readyFriend to the school trophyTrophy girl to an earthquake Potential prom queenBeautiful and readyA week left to goAnd his eyes where they should not be
Medusa; The watch me as my hair slithers and they tremble in fear This head is filled with so much pain This body, beautiful but broken They try to build me up But brick can’t hold forever I tell them
according to myth, the gorgon was not always a monster until the day she and the god of the sea were caught together on Athena’s sacred grounds
  Medusa started her own trend Everyone wanted snakes on their head too But Posiden wouldn't curse them
  Medusa started her own trend Everyone wanted snakes on their head too But Posiden wouldn't curse them
Cold, stone floor  His fist in my hair How I wished it could bite Tear me away Stop this.  Bare breasts meet marbled columns 
stone i live in a cold world with my cold hands and the cold bodies around me creating creatures i'll never hold statues fill my dinner table and if i imagine they are talking to me they are
Her skin is the ebony of tree bark, Her hair and her uniform are both writhing shades of blue,
for millenia her kind were treated as serpents, always hiding, scheming, "witches" they cried for centuries. always eternal was medusa, watching from shadows cast upon her everglowing face.  
Alone in the dark, yet brave Given the power, you've adapted and slaved. to the hateful men, and the judgemental stares.  They've taken your innocence  And turned you into tears,
Survival, It’s what I know best. It’s painful, and hard, But also makes us stronger. And most don’t know my story.  
Medusa, Medusa, my love for 3 years.  Medusa's beauty brings me to tears,  With her beautiful green hair.  How I would love for her to notice me. Medusa never looks my way. Medusa never removes her glasses. 
How would you update a classic myth, or create your own?
The Story of Medusa (at college) By Brooklyn Fellner   I have one thing on my mind Medusa The most beautiful, sexy girl that has ever stepped foot on campus
they say that Medusa was the villain. wrong and evil, a force against nature, and yet all at once a victim of her own malfeasance. and yet, in "re-writing" a myth, we bring to light
Women are right to fear the dark.   This is what they learn — Through gentle warnings, Whispered words —
There, by the sidewalk, You think you hear hissing. Only the wind?  Perhaps, or is it The crown of vipers  Beneath the hood of a passerby.
My computer hums a familiar sound, The screen, pitch back, springs to life! The beams of white light break through the night around me. Familiar noises fill my room-
Sarpedon couldn't get its head around A woman who wanted to stand her ground After a non-consensual encounter. But Medusa didn't let it discount her For sexuality isn't "corrected."
Boy meets girl. Girl turn boy to stone. Alone. Alone yesterday. Alone tomorrow. Alone forever.   Girl see river. Girl questions.
Modern medusa is technology,  A digital abyss holding the gaze of stone faces, A transfixing limitless potential. A plague of oblivion.  
A body belongs to its owner. And to no one else. Uterus to cornea. Let there be no theft. No discussion or judgement. Of what goes in and what comes out.   Why was Medusa hated?
A godess known for external beauties A godness known for unseen beauties A godess known for bringing life A godess infamous for stoning life
"You, Medusa, shall be punished," the great Athena said, The girl replied, "Oh, no! Am I to be dead?!" Athena laughed, "Ha, ha! Not even close, you foolish girl!" The clever goddess left in a whirl.  
Medusa wasn't cursed she was protected her Goddess wanted to give her the world   but when men take without mercy Athena did what she thought best even if Medusa was hurting  
Medusa .com yes she's caught your eye You're hypnotized and you don't know why. She controls everything and has you in a trance All of your friends are doing the stone-faced dance.
I am a marble statue Forever youngA broken reminent of by gone times A bittersweet reminderA silent echo of times long gone
Temples are quiet places for forbidden kisses, for moments in which the world does not exist, but is collapsing, as if the giant holding us up decides to let us fall, as if no gods can reach us.  
She prowls her home, always on guard Forever weary of intruders, of invaders, of men coming inside. Remembering the one she had foolishly let in So long ago now, but far too soon to forget. Always too soon to forget
What did she do to deserve this torture? What did she do to deserve this pain? Why must she have snakes suround her, and now be dead, no, slain?   Why did the Hero come to slay her?
My dear Medusa you with your ivory skin, your ebony hair, your fiery eyes.   Your beauty challenged no other, you were graceful and clever. A priestess who was pure,
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