The Mask You Wear

The Mask You Wear 


No one would mess with Medusa  

With her tangled hair like snakes 

Oh the things she’d do to ya’

Would give grown men the shakes


She stalked the halls at day 

Poor Freshmen turning to stone

If her eyes, keen for prey, 

Caught their gaze alone


The only one who felt no dread

Was a girl who saw through sound 

Once to Medusa she innocently said, 

“Hello! Haven’t I seen you around?” 


Around them, students began to flee 

But Medusa ignored the scene behind 

“How the hell could you have seen me?

I thought that you were blind”


An awkward silence filled the hall

The girl broke it with her laugh 

“I’m Themis, and you’ve got quite the gall

But yes, I can see you with my staff” 


The two girls became inseparable

Medusa didn’t feel alone, for a change 

And school wasn’t as terrible 

One day she asked why Themis wasn’t afraid


“I see through the mask you wear” 

Themis said with a knowing smile, 

“You may be different, but I don’t really care,

In fact, I haven’t felt this happy in awhile.”


Medusa’s cold eyes were now filled with tears

She leaned in and whispered, two inches apart,

“I haven’t felt this happy in years,”

Themis merely responded with her heart


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