Medusa was...

Medusa was an ugly girl,

Or so the stories told.

Her looks might not have been ideal,

But she had a heart of gold. 


Medusa was as normal as you can get,

She posted pictures

With her friends.

She was kind to people she’d just met. 


Medusa went to parties often.

She met cute boys,

She met cute girls,

With eyes she would get lost in.


Medusa didn’t go anywhere alone,

She brought her drinks 

To the bathroom with her.

She always held her phone.


Medusa once saw a man

Drop a tablet in a glass.

She grabbed the drink,

Poured it out and ran.


Medusa told the man to come back to her home,

He followed her excitedly 

Until she took off her veil

And he turned to stone.


Medusa saw a man one day,

He grabbed a girl,

She looked scared,

He smiled and pulled the girl away.


Medusa followed behind

They stopped behind a building.

She told the girl to close her eyes,

Off came the veil, in stone the man was confined.


Medusa was on a train that night,

She saw a man try to reach his phone

Under a young girl’s skirt.

It gave her quite a fright.


Medusa panicked, she kicked his phone and cried.

He swung to hit her

But she took off the veil

And he was petrified.


Medusa was a normal girl, she was scared of men.

She did what she could to protect other girls,

In her garden stood hundreds of predators



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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