She found me in pieces,

Broken in an alley. 

Picked me up,

Carried me home and gave me a bed to rest in.

I dreamt

 of Him….

Of hands….

Of belts being undone.

I dreamt of one too many drinks 

And short dresses.

I dreamt of screams,

               And screaming

                        And screaming

                                   And screaming

                                                       And no one heard.

But SHE heard

    She save me.

  She protected me.
  She gifted me tools so it may never happen again

I gave what she gave back. 

I built a foundation for women like me


To be protected 

To help

To stop

The screams

The nightmares

The laws

The scars

I fought for my girls

In courts and on the streets

So no one needs to be picked up


In pieces 

In an alley. 


- Medusa


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