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Sanity. We can't always be it.Sanity. What everyone presses you to be.Sanity. The normal of life...But... sometimes you lose your grip on Sanity... how do you get back?
Lead boots stomp,   Dust landing on nothing,  And everything all at once, Intertwined pieces of self,  No longer connected at the seams,  Unravelling persona,  Cracking through shaky wooden beams, 
quiet the voices quiet thequiet the voices.  
How are you so stupid, so naive? You brought this on yourself. Walked in a locked room with no keys. Don't bother blaming anyone else, Don't cry, beg, or plead. How do you expect to get out?
I love you you drive me mad I love you I hate this feeling But I love you more than I hate what you do You have my heart captured my soul Took my breath away
 They are too loud.   They don't let me think.   The numbing noise doesn't come from voices.   But something much worse.   The deafening loudness is caused by my Thoughts.   
One father is strong enough to bring up a hundred sons that is not easy but very tough and can face a hundred guns
Part One: It's happened twice. you've been there twice. and refuse to return again. The tastes, the smell, the feeling. it's all so close now. and the pain hunts you. its almost seductive.
Maybe it was my realization that placement of words and spaces could literally shake a nation, Wake a generation, stir a congregation, or transform no way into more ways.   
I’ve spent countless hours of my life thinking and brooding, Considering the complexities of my past relations. And it is during these times, with my emotions moving, Which cause more oft than not unsightly ruminations.
Finding ways to get things throughAllowing them to finally be trueAn expression of fear and doubtBeing able to let things outCreating a work of artFrom a rough startI was set freeAnd allowed to be me
If there's one thing I need, it'll be my inner creativity.  No deserted island can beat what's within me.  I have the ability to turn the sound of waves to rhythmic beats,
Only five weeks left Of my high school career The time has flown by Oh my gosh, oh my dear.....   With adulthood ahead, And college to follow The lump in my throat
All I need is my sanity With my sanity, I have my peace And with my peace, I have my mind And with my mind, I can survive Because I, I waver sometimes.  
a discussion with a friend about Extroversion and Introversion  led to this: you're spending the Rest of your life on an island. if you had the choice between living in Solitude
Not a soul makes itself known, for I am alone. Alone with my thoughts and worries, Alone and afraid to survive.    Food is not my concern for survival.
Sanity Eaten up by soltitude Senseless soul trapped by the storm There's nothing else here.   I walked to the shore I saw the eyes of the lost The results of the crossed
Day One: Through my mind, thoughts race Am I to survive The deserted island I must face? Necessities, staples, necessities, for which I strive, Repeat in my mind while I pace
I lay happily In my new reality I need sanity    
All I can try to do is run But running will get me nowhere. It gets me a load of tired and hunger Things opposite of what I want What I want is to run without the fatigue Runing without fearing what's ahead.
If I were lost, in a paradise unfound the only thing that I would need is to keep my sanity   While others would say
Every day is a struggle For most it's a routine Motions like the clock Any thing out of place Causing a ripple That eventually becomes a new habit A new routine. But for him It wasn't just a routine It was a paradox Nothing ever made sense He neve
All I need is Sydney There is rhyme and reason why  Stranded on an island without her I may die she keeps me sane and stable;  She is my best friend can't you tell 
I will not speak the words I think.   This is the key, to the necessity of sanity.
 Traveling blindly Through worlds of the bizarre. Graffiti thick on the walls, Some so old that it's bored itself in Becoming part of the wall itself. Pains run deep here, Blood in the cracks
True half true the words I have said to you; Lovely unpolished disgorged of the past And the life from genuineness I drew, Driving sane my madness, hoping for the last.   Apologies sincere with contentment.
contention that cannot vindicate fractured expression to tell fancy tries one thousand days from you could not abate flowing loving water behind my eyes   no one rewards silent screams not even death
Everyday feels the same, like im going insane, trying to stay in this game, No one knows, what I dare not show, And no matter where I go, You are there, showing you don't care
The voices they scream soft as every butterfly Strangely beautiful with a poisonous smile
I am twisted I am new and different yet, blind to the new body that is my mind and soul I am fear I feel fear I can't think anymore I don't trust myself to think
I know what I said,
    Yes you are sane Parts of our brains They work the same I write for days When you can’t find A reason why You’re acting strange   Yes I’ve dealt with
Things like this don’t go away The sadness builds as you try to be strong Some days you can’t even get out of bed You don’t tell the ones you love If you do they get mad Like it’s your fault you’re sad
Let me go. Let me go into the void that is Insanity. Let me go. Throw me beyond the light that is The darkest of dark nights. Let me go. Release me to the claws awaiting
My poetry hides In the unsuspecting death Of my sanity Deep within my heart Concealed secrets forbid me From my peace of mind. Desperate am I To discover the meaning Of my constant pain
Depression is an ocean The horrible thoughts you have - the water The fears you have - the fish The friends you have - the other boats
Tall, knowing trees danced in the soft breeze that carried a sweet melody.
She fights it every day.                                                 When will it stop? The pain. The suffering.   She starts to lose reality.
My tears of sanity             Grinded by hell             Drag through bones and dust             Continuous battles             Thrown to the ground            
Writing keeps me sane Even when there's chaos enveloping me It helps ease the never-ending pain And sets my mind free.   Holding me back From the monster fighting its way out
I don’t Miss my Sanity  Sanity has left me and she never said "farewell."  I look up and down to find her, but she has reaped me of my reasoning.
Something is missing,  Each day that passes it is like I am breaking just a little more. My head spinning Thinking of all the memories. It is very easy to get lost in my own mind. When I look for a way out, 
People say that I'm different. I see things and hear things not of their world, But of mine: Shadows and figures with no physical connection; Voices belonging to no one
my fingers will do nothing more but curl themselves into claws and your name—a snarl on my lips— your words were crafted carefully and—razor-tipped arrows—struck you never missed
Mean teachers. Heavy Books.
You want that special person to be happy, even if that means not with yo.   That doesn't mean it hurts any less.   Sometimes you fall for someone and they turn out to be someone else.  
Inside the classroom no homework should be had
The absence of sanity, The absence of conscience, The absence of faith, Of emotion, Of humanity, Of sanity.
Why do you give us so much homework? I learn better in class so stop being an ass im sorry for my language actually im not i know im being a snot but listen hear 
Why so much? Can't you see i hate it!Homework here, homework there And you don't even bother to grade it.This is stupid why should we do it?Look at all the extra work and there's nothing really to it,So common let's admit that you don't even like
I'm not sure Where I came from Not sure That I care Don't know my heritage I've come from everywhere I suppose I'm from My mother But the pieces Are all wrong Button eyes
Homework... Huh, now that's a funny word. Oh wait, no it isn't, that was really quite absurd. They swear it's in our best intentions, and they insist we must go on, but what good can come from something
  here I’m insane there I’m even more insane because I could be sane which is strange because  I usually can’t be sane while surrounded by too many people
A girl suffered through many hardships, and she bore it all for a while. She had many people that came and then left, she took abandonment with a smile. Her persona changed over time, from heartfelt to harsh fiend.
Is it just me or can you not see Just how lonely life can be When you're afraid and they've never stayed And so sanity is becoming frayed
GIVE ME A BREAK! I’m kinda new to this, But I see how great your love truly is. I also see a crazy mess, And it’s bringing me distress. Kindness obsolete; And sometimes kept descrete,
The traitors of the past were never washed away They have procreated and created the haters of today They continue to feed of negativity And deter you from accomplishing any relative impossibility
I’ve been taking in ideas of what life should mean from nameless strangers I’ve never even met. I try to listen to what they have to say; I want to tuck it away into my soul and save it for you.
A liar, deceiver my words cut deep, but this is not me A phantom a specter I observe from a distance in pain horror and awe the being that claims to be rage and slander
The struggle is imperative. Regard this as my mental laxative Impacted by the lyrical attractiveness Ain't no facts in this shit. Lividly livin' through these writtens depictin' nothin'
My mind speaks louder than my mouth Overloaded with plans and memories Trying to figure out a way out of this mysteries. I wish I could rewind And empty this mind I guess that what we call life
~Hell & Back i’ve seen hell & back i’ve been through here before the scars lie on my back i’ve cried many tears this isn’t fiction this fact i’ve lost friends i’ve gained angels
I'm a person too… I'm real also… I have opinions to speak… Why is it that I can't be heard?… Is it because you don't think I deserve to say a word?… Why do you get to decide?… No one is ever on my side…
What if these tears… Added up over the years… Could drown out the screams of the silence that now deafens us… What is they Could wash away the scars of all the battles we once before lost…
Broken, Insane, alone. Tearing and destroying Hopelessly falling into pain. Damaged.
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