The Thoughts are Beating

  •  They are too loud. 
  •  They don't let me think. 
  •  The numbing noise doesn't come from voices. 
  •  But something much worse. 
  •  The deafening loudness is caused by my Thoughts. 
  •  I can't shut them out. 
  •  The words trigger me in the worst of ways. 
  •  The words can bring me to the Sleep. 
  •  I try with all my might to stay in the Awake. 
  •  Beat. Beat. Beat. 
  •  The only noise apparent is the beating of my heart. 
  •  I start to question whether it is truly me with the Thoughts. 
  •  I start to question my sanity. 
  •  I question the truth of myself. 
  •  If it is me or the Thoughts bringing me to my own demise? 
  •  Is it really the Thoughts taking control 
  •  or is it insanity disguised in thoughts? 
  •  Beat. Beat. 
  •  Am I the only one? 
  •  Is it just me and the Thoughts? 
  • I cannot stop the Thoughts. 
  •  The Thoughts of anguish. 
  •  The Thoughts of darkness. 
  •  The Thoughts of release from the thoughts. 
  •  Beat. 
  •  The Thoughts have brought me to this. 
  •  There is no more beating. 
  •  The Thoughts have brought me to the Asleep once again 
  •  Except this time 
  •  There are no Thoughts of the Awake 
  •  and there are no more Thoughts. 
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