How are you so stupid, so naive?

You brought this on yourself.

Walked in a locked room with no keys.

Don't bother blaming anyone else,

Don't cry, beg, or plead.

How do you expect to get out?

Why, little girl, you're stuck in a cage. 

Don't try to scream or shout,

Then you'll only enrage

That man with the keys,

Who laughs with your pain,

And claims no life is guaranteed,

Not when he's in charge of the game.

So you just sit there,

Eyes closed, ears plugged.

Trying not to listen to 

That loud obnoxious thud.

That the one in the next room over 

Does again and again, and again.

Pretending not to hear the faint screams every now and then.

I'm in an asylum,

Where no one is smiling.

It's supposed to be a hospital, 

But everybody is dying.

How do I save myself?

Where do I go?

I can't stay any longer

And watch this horrid show. 

I'm the star of the film,

As everyone knows. 

But I can't just sit here.

Waiting to be killed. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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