My struggles from coming from another country


United States
37° 37' 37.2936" N, 122° 2' 58.7472" W

My mind speaks louder than my mouth
Overloaded with plans and memories
Trying to figure out a way out of this mysteries.
I wish I could rewind
And empty this mind
I guess that what we call life
Living it like I been stab with a knife.
Coming from another country
Automatically gained starving haters
Stuck in my skin like the deep layers.

It been a long ride
But I refuse to give excuses for what happened
Because it will hold my potential for millions of seconds
Been hurt from this society without a regret
Laughed on by my own bloods and rejected
Hard to stay focus, had to take pain medication
To Reincarnate mentally from deeply meditation.
Started living through an unique style
Tested it out from trials
Was accepted by multicultural
Regain my abilities from longtime funeral

Begun hanging out with multicolor
Even though they did not understand me,
They show me what is a true love
Because when i was alone
They welcomed me to the throne
I appreciated their kindness
Knowing that there was a light waiting to reveal the brightness.

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