acceptance of yourself

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Born from an egg like all the other ducklings And from a family who thought would teach it right, But who knew family could just be as bad? Intentionally laughing and pointing at it out of spite--
This is a piece of vandalism. Just a few short words. To give courage and rebellion To all and any girls. Take this marker... Or this pen... And please write our your heart.
It is a scary thing to admit to yourself How you were sexually abused. Especially by one that you trusted. How he left me, in flames I combusted.  
  Welcome Welcome, a feeling I can never have in my own home Welcome A word, meaningless to me because people toss it around with abandon, Then render it useless, less than great Akwaaba
To have a free mind.
I used to reach for the old And I do still at times New is important too though New can be scary
i am a Potato   why does looking like a Potato mean i look bad? a Potato has its own unique set of lumps bumps   but a Potato also has its virtues! a Potato is versatile  
Courage. One word to describe who I am; courage. Never let fear be a factor in your decision making. This statement is so much easier said than done. But reminding yourself of it constantly, will be the beginning of change. 
That broken glass mirror Shattered in pieces, Shattered forever, I pick up a piece of that broken glass mirror and examine it, and see no flaws. It has served its purpose.
She’s shy seems submissive although she feels strong She handles worry as though its her last song She doesn't understand why she feels all alone They say she’ll overcome the grief on her own
I am a tra
to myself She looks in the mirror she sees herself but its not her, at all she sees her nose her eyes, which are sometimes more green than brown, and her lips and that one freckle she's grown to accept
Shining, Shimmering As far as the eye can see Walls as high as the sky Topped with silky white foam The calming sloshing sounds of the ocean The aroma of the sea Salt water adn Sea weed
This is a response poem to something I heard one of my 'friends' say - "People who want to commit suicide are stupid and selfish. If they want to die, I say let them. They can have fun in Hell."   
You look in the mirror, you poke and pinch, turn to the side, suck in, wish you could lose just one more inch. You swear up and down you've already eaten, by "skinny thoughts," you already feel beaten.  
I find myself suffocated under this mask The list is streaming, people-pleasing an endless task. Wishing I could break it off, but oh how vulernable I would be If only I could see, the world as it is.  
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