Time Medicine

Born from an egg like all the other ducklings

And from a family who thought would teach it right,

But who knew family could just be as bad?

Intentionally laughing and pointing at it out of spite--

Discerning that this is not family.


Brought to the barn animals and questioned for its differences

To again be singled out and encounter their wrath--

For being muscular, larger, and quicker could only mean an uglier duck

Thus forcing it to walk along another path,  

Confronting a condescending reality.  


Unable to escape such prejudices

And follow a solitary life through to adulthood,

With no one to look out for it and no one to care for it;

A challenging course no way easily made with a strife,

Suffering from isolation and inferiority.


Fearfully notices a swan approaching

And it recognizes the peculiar duck from years ago,

Sincerely apologetic for not alleviating the pain

Of the peculiar duck’s heart taking many fatal blows,

Creating now the chance to start anew--


To the old pond nearby the farm

Where nearby the older barnyard animals still reside,

Whom laugh when both of them are passing by

But the swan grasps the duck’s wing even tighter and swims dignified,

Taking the old friend back to their home as new family--


Believe that time provides opportunities 

Because chances are you aren’t the only one;

Many other communities are unaccepted for their differences,

Which shows society has much to work on and to be done

That also we all have our flaws--


Generations will clash against each other

Because of their own values,

But to eventually heals these living wounds,

Time is the natural remedy we must use

To welcome the minority as part of the accepted majority,

To stand up for equal liberty, life, and pursuit of happiness,

To-gether as one!












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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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