The Strokes of You

I used to reach for the old

And I do still at times

New is important too though

New can be scary

And old can mean comfort

New allows us evolve

We have to evolve

To be happy

Because we’re not the same people we were yesterday

Or a few months ago

Or a few years

New means now

Future is what is to be

We have to embrace the present

It defines who we are

Although the old does too

Too often we forget though

To tend after our new

It’s such a pretty and important hue

Of the picture that contains who we are

We’re so often afraid of it

Or we neglect it

Because we prefer

Or are fond of

The not now

You have to realize

That all parts of who you are

Deserve your attention

Every single stroke

That compiles you

Is important

And necessary

To make you whole

And to depict the true you

That is painted in His head.

And let me tell you

You are beautiful.


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