Shatter the Masquerade

I find myself suffocated under this mask

The list is streaming, people-pleasing an endless task.

Wishing I could break it off, but oh how vulernable I would be

If only I could see, the world as it is.


A place where in actuality no one cares

And if they do, then where is their true self?

Within us, they see their ideals that the cannot have for themselves.

Like the storybooks of wonders lined up on shelves

I wonder...if our tales are just the same.

I wonder if they can see the imperfections in those stories, untamed.

But as for reality, what is perfection?

Simply a section, not the whole perception..


They look all the same

They act all the same

Living with faked smiles, smiles strained.

Dancing step by step, like robots, stiff and awkward.

In my head, I am a trembling coward.


Here we are, personas of everyone's imagination

Livng a world, where we need anticipation

Anticipation, to be accepted.


We're living a lie.

I can't take it anymore.

A hammer in my hand, I won't hesitate from my core.

Allow me to smash, allow me my freedom.

Freedom to be me, to shatter this M A S Q U E R A D E. 



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Our world
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