Slam on Back to School

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  Ask to walk toward shadows. Look again and behold.  They ought not be lovers right? Guardians of blessing, distracted by admission. Clever art carved by passers-by is no doubt
I walk these halls, no one knows who I am I walk these halls, no one knows who I'll be I walk these halls, where I'll get a completing school qualification To walk the halls of an institute of higher education
The sun shines so bright, The most beautiful sight.                                                                                            The grass is green, The sky is blue, The clouds are white.  
Clock tick-tocks slowly. The teacher drones on and one. When will the bell ring?
It's that time of year again  Where we sit down and open the textbooks  Listen to a teacher, sub, instructor, or professor  And try to teach us whatever   Where we're forced to mingle and bring us closer together
  High schools ends college begins, are you ready? Well that depends Have you chosen where to go, what to study Maybe something close to your friends?
No more lazy days. No more parties. No more days on the beach. Summer is a goner. School is a beginner. To what?, you may say. It is a new year. It is the last year.
Education   Boredom slowly creeps upon me, Like a fog on top a hill. My eyes start glazing over,
  “What about things that we really need?” High School, welcome to the redirection that doesn't consult that deed.      Algebraic methods is a lesson
Back to school or back to doom,  I ask myself, sitting in the dreaded classroom,  Oh, here comes the teacher's pet,  With a goodie bag of cookies, I'll bet,  Ugh, that's the bell,  Welcome to Hell, 
I just spent three hundred dollars on a textbookThree hundredDollars   And it's not even a real bookIt's just pagesThat you throw into a binder   So I had to go out and buy a damn binder too
Close your eyes, take another breath Don't let your mind make a war of this Another assignment, another sip of water Let the breath, go and open your eyes Look around if needed, but focus
The statement "it looks good on college applications" is hammered into me until it becomes a branding, programmed into my brain cells
92 days ago we turned our back to the system 92 days We are given 92 days out of 365 that is 25% of my time They always told me that freedom is a choice and not a gift, but hey
She walks down the stage, glancing around looking to her family and friends the ones who helped her graduate to another age college.   Summer passes on and she again looks around,
Finally the school I have been looking forward to my whole life Elementary was fun Middle a slum in High I was a mess because of all the stress Finally it is time for my interests of study
I hate summer. Beach balls, exotic holidays, playing outside No routine, all extreme, it makes me feel sick. Maybe I'm a bore. Maybe I'm a fourteen year old girl Who's secretly eighty-one.
They throw us all in boxes but want us to come out, We must be creative, innovative, But if my innovation is beyond your comprehension, and my words can't fit into your straight jacket rubric
The world has a lot to say Placing restrictions on your plans day to day Education has become vital For our children's future life and survival The amount of knowledge you know Determines how far you can go
A brand new year with more to comeIts easy for others but harder for someHomework loads like reckless wavesBut do it for the future that it paves!I might procrastinate, but I’ll break through
I stared at a clock on the wallWilling it to tick faster so the dreaded first day of school can end Then I looked down at the watch on my wrist The two clocks read different times
The room is all panic Thre are chairs in the air The room has become chaos There's bubbe-gum in people's hair   The world is flying round and round Can I get out of here?
POEM FOR WOODBRIDGE   I’m graduating in four months which means I will no longer be haunting the halls of Woodbridge Senior High School.
To learn is a gift, However to earn knowledge is trying. Some students end up crying, While others do this with their eyes closed. Seeing our friends is great, Until we get scolded for communicating.
The bittersweet return of the ringing of bells. The talking voices of excited friends who have finally meet again. The beginning of fresh starts, improvements and growths.
It's mid-February now, and soon I'll be waring the Ides of March.Then it's April showers,and waiting with bated breath for May flowers.  
They never asked if I wanted to go I guess it hadn’t crossed their minds But of course I was to go I was never told to do otherwise There were no options to choose from, no, not even one
Something that has always seemed so naturalto me, as an apiring bookwormnow leaves me trembling in fear,in uncertainty.
It is this time of year again.  I can hear my heart beating so hard my chest might explode. I hear the steps in the halls getting louder and louder.  Flip flip of the text book your reading. 
Late nights, coffee, and naps. Was this break long enough? Perhaps. Scantrons, books, and study groups. It's like jumping through hoops. All for the sake of a degree.
Back to school or back to black? Back to sleepless nights and diminishing mentality.  Having to take classes I despise. Wishing I could make my own degree plan from scratch.
Every year, every semester, every month the same thought runs through my mind: I need to change, grow, evolve, or just learn to be a better person. I need to realize that I am good enough,
Stop. Rewind. I didn't just wake up at 5 am   to sit in a classroom full of people I can't look in the eye I didn't answer that question with spam I'm not thinking about the face somebody gives to you
When school's in full wake I struggle to awake Are clock alarms forms of torture?   I must labor tirelessly all day Despite my tendency to get tired Is sleep my real enemy?  
7:36- my alarm goes off and my eyelids are cement walls that are being pried open by a mother who’s only reasoning for doing so is ‘because i want to’
School can be fun. School can be a bum. But when all that's said and done. Tech comes with loads of fun. To phones and calculators. To tablets and computers. Tech here to stay so remember.
Back to the dreary prison known as school, the brainwashing ensues. Brains begin to melt into a pool, While the faces of the students look confused. Teachers drone on and on, Students stare off into space,
Under my Christmas tree you will find  No gifts. No jingling bells. No cards of Christmas joy. Under my Christmas tree you will find Pandora's box unleashed. Sirens upon sirens. Eyes full of tears and anger.  
In late August a new school year began, Putting all thoughts of summer out of mind, And though of school I was not a big fan, Sadly I could not to summer rewind. I got off the bus and walked into school,
Sitting down with your thoughts and a new document, you know who you are. Is it dread? Perhaps excitement.
The addiction begins, The feeling of not knowing, The loss of power starts, The strength you thought you had, Begins to dwindle in the confines of night, The stress of sleep less nights suffocates the strong.
I am going back Back to the school i am forced to attend, for what seems like the rest of my life. Using my priceless time as a child in a desk Forced to determine my worth by a letter.
High School education is the key For it is your destiny You need to wait and see   For those who may be in need Bullies do no good deed
Let’s take a minute to talk about something we all know and “love” “Education is important” We’re told. But when did it start being sold? If it’s so “important” why make us pay? Taking our money day after day,
If only more teachers made learning fun.  A single teacher can make you turn.  More students their study they would yearn.  Make learning an opportunity, not a chore. Maybe your students will stop being whores. 
If only more teachers made learning fun.  A single teacher and make you turn.  More students their study they would yearn.  Make learning an opportunity, not a chore. Maybe your students will stop being whores. 
Time, ephemeral yet stagnant, bids summer adieu-   the dreaded hour has arrived.   Hallways teeming with angst  
Frozen sandwiches,Orange Juice,6am alarms,Ready for school to begin again. New clothes,Weird teachers,New friends,Weird smells.
My life was predictable, boring and slow, then college began, and I yelled out "Wait WOAH!!"
Falling, failing, struggling, aching Words not uncommon to a struggling high school student "Yes, I'm trying mom!" She doesn't see how much it hurts me. "No, I'm not stupid dad!"
When your looking out the window on your way home When you're thinking that something's wrong  Just let it go cause your strong (oooh)x2 When the grades come Rollin and you think you don't fit in 
Our home away from home  Where learning is a must Hoping to get the information Make sure this isn't a budt   Looking around at all the faces Trying to find our place
School, Where you have the right to fail but criticized, School, Where the pressure builds up like clogged water pipes, School, Where you’re labeled and segregated from other individuals,
Pfeiffer University, an amazing place Wonderful people and talented bunch Made many friends and found someone special there This is the last year for me Everything is becoming ever so clear
Back to school No more acting like a fool Got put down the toys and pick up an academic tool Whether it’d be a writing utensil or a book to situate my mental
They say school is a place to learn. I agree but also its a place to socialize. and its where we first get brainwashed Think about it  When we first start school We are labeled Cool or uncool
I still remember my first day in school I was two and a half years old then and would drool Neither reluctant nor stubborn Bizarrely, I loved going to school. I still remember how much happy I was meeting
What is school            At times it's fun, at times it's lame It's where a life begins
I'm a soldier back on the battlefield today As I rub my fingers together I feel the callouses from my weapon That carried me so far, gave me a name Because that's all I am here, a name
Another year I go to school. Another year I see my friends. Another year I lose sleep. Another year I am educated. Another year I am anxious. Another year
Monday 8:30 am-3:50 pm listen to the arrogant, privileged white kid in your class talk about how easy a hair thinning assignment was 3:50-5:20 pm
As I apply for the schools, I know, I want to start Anew As I avoid contact with past friendships, I repeat to my self, Anew As I accept the school where no one I know goes to, I know I will be Anew
My friends and I were talking about flooding the school, Our teachers over heard us and didn't think that was cool. Sadly school is so cruel. I guess I'm just a tool, I must be a fool,
I before E except after C But what about what I choose to see I see the right way, the wrong way, And still I know better. E before I except after C Sometimes I just want to break free
I wasn’t fortunate with the good work ethic genes 
My grades define the person that I am, Hard working or a hooligan, Letters and numbers seem to have more importance than my well-being, There is no sleep, Infinite nights with essays and caffeinated drinks,
One last year of... books, homework, strict teachers, school lunches, school buses, pep rallys, and crowded hallways. One last year of...
Summer is already over, and only now it hits me.I am a senior. This year.And I am running out of time.What have I done?All of that time that I spent inJunior, sophomore, even freshman year
What is school? When we were young, it was  a place of swings, coloring, and naps. In elementary school, there was  muitplication, no more napping, and   summer camps to look forward to.
I'm about to leave. I'm on my way to college, On my way to my life as an adult. It's been hard, It's been difficult. Changing schools, Homeschool. Making friends, Losing friends.
Why get up from my warm bed
OK , have you ever seen someone and said no she's ugly or eww he's gross . But how can you say that when you don't know them . For all you know they feel the same way about you , what I'm saying is don't judge people on how they look .
To college I go, Nervous as heck,
trapped in a glass box my vision is swimming and i can't hear the voices that drift past sounds like i'm underwater feels like i'm drowning please throw stones at me, try and break me free
The teacher drones "Did you know, Purple and yellow are complimentary colors. (my favorite actually) A pug meal is used to process clay. (and the blades are not so safe)
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