High School Propaganda


“What about things that we really need?”

High School, welcome to the redirection that doesn't consult that deed.   


Algebraic methods is a lesson

yet they don't express the important expressions.

Students minds are filled to the max

exponents of conclusions that formulate unneeded equations.

Paying taxes, paying bills-- don't those entail numbers?

Financial advice is deemed important in society

but the students are stamped with anxiety because of constant functions.

What purpose do these complex mathematical functions hold

articulating the basic norms of rooting what's logical

A system upon wasting time.


“What about things that we really need?”

High School, that place that is important but doesn't really prepare you.


History, America past is voiced.

History, the entire world's past is quote unquote, “rejoiced"

It’s a joist of events that is memorable,

continuous -- and pretty much known of.

Students have the access to history at the tip of their fingers.

But what lingers in their mind is the history that is presenting

the future that they’re creating themselves.

Jury duty. American law, shouldn’t it be in the textbooks?


Creativity is expressed in it’s finest form in the arts.

Whether it’s musically inclined or delineative exposed.

The elements and principles of art--

yet you might as well forget the imaginary part.

Why not copy what's already created as a head start-

but not from heart.

They want you to owe up to a sense of symbolism--that is considered plagiarism.

The harmonies of your originality is conflicted

Restricted and normally contradicted.


Adapted to formulated chemicals - maybe liquids on a regular basis.

Study the molecules around you

ridicule those aspects hoping the terms will breakthrough.

Biology, Chemistry and physics on what contrary

does science assert guidance or is it uncertain bias?


“What about things that we really need?”

High School, a basic review of grades K-8th. Might as well flunked.


English - don't we speak it?

Language - Hmm, of course-- English obtain a lot of baggage.

Arts - Okay- Writing is a form of art. Creativity.

Abbreviated form- ELA.

A bunch of topics that falls underneath each other

In a statement-- one after another.

Writing is nice- yet, most students penmanship is illegible.

That's fine! Arial, Times new roman- those fonts are acceptable.

Cursive writing- a form of penmanship that is ironically banned from being taught.

And we wonder why our signatures aren’t worth a second thought.


“What about things that we really need?”

Be academically driven and socially involved.

Might as well contribute your mind to being unsolved.

SAT? It’s a test, i'm not telling you to sit in past tense.

Don't know what it is? Not a shocker. High school isn't big on preparedness.

Get a high score-- colleges will love you!

Get a low score-- hm, you might be a bore.

It’s okay, the government is happy to loan you money

Create debt that’ll haunt you in that long journey.

Hopefully you didn't forget that you are a test monkey.

Anxiety and depression is rooted in teens who are in high school

but in a way success overrules.


Subjects that can endure lessons that can save time instead of those that waste it.


“What about things that we really need?”

High School-- the place that students define as cruel, oh wait-  

Oops, Cool.  

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