The Pioneers

They throw us all in boxes

but want us to come out,

We must be creative,


But if my innovation is beyond your comprehension,

and my words can't fit into your straight jacket rubric

then I flunk.

So tell me what is the purpose?

Break downs and eye bags?

 If I can't be the me you keep telling me to be,

Pushing this individualistic identity

down my throat,

And at the end of the term I choke,

where does that leave me?


because what you should really be telling me, is

here's what you need to do,

this is what I want to hear,

I don't get paid enough,

and all you have to do is pass this class,

this class will pass,

that certificate might just be the only thing that will last.

So forget to do you and just do me.


But here's to us,

The ones that refuse to be thrown into perfectly angled boxes,

The ones that refuse to stand in line and  follow the rest,

The ones that want more,

The still going and the unsure,

The ones that don't want to be next,

Because we aim to be first,

We don't see just see ahead,

We see multiple futures and foremost,

We are pioneers,

We willingly stand alone,

We'll walk the unwalked, 

We'll find beauty in the untraveled,

We'll out-do the done and do the undone,

This year

we are pioneers...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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