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The Sun   She brings us life and joy; despair Her silent song a covenant of care– Our faithful servant in the air   A gilded messenger, inasmuch:
By the breaking of dawn, the bright lays of sun penetrates the sky unto us, 
The first time I talked to you It was like the waves washed me up onto shore and I dried out in the sun. I promised I'd never go back in the waves  and drift away.   You dreamed of the ocean and
What can you get for a woman who already has a heart of gold? A Woman who would give her last to anyone she knows?
To find meaning in life One has to first live it.   At the beginning, Fear tremulously takes over and grabs ahold.  It doesn't let go until you feel it suck the life out of you.
Born like any other Perfect in my mother and fathers eyes until my perfection was stained Coffee was the culprit ,as it flowed on my young four year old body Screams and shouts filled the room
Awesomeness is everywhere In a string on the floor In a feather on a bird On the pavement that forms a road.   Awesomeness is everywhere In a toad or a hare In a hippo or a bear.  
Through years of sorrow and so much pain I thought I’d never see the day When everything changed
Breathtaking,                    stirring,                              dreaded,                                          jaw-dropping,                                                             wonderous,
How awesome it is to be alive,  To see, to hear, and drink wine. How awesome it is to move, To dance, and to sing with the moon. How awesome it is to breathe, To rejoice in the sounds of the leaves.
The papers constantly flip from Shakespeare to logarithms Injecting steroids the books surround, trapping me in a prism Knees quivering under the weight with no beaks so no rhythm
His Sea Package came with a sign that read: Run! Don't walk! Sex, no talk! One night and don't you dare stalk!    But it was cool see....
You wanna know something about yourself? yes you, reading this poem, expecting some la dee dah. You write your own story             your own choices             your own life and you know what?
I can skip stones Earth made from a dead man's bones, but I'll never truely understand  the story behind the nicks and dents  that've made them so smooth.    But I can honestly say,
LIFE You are sad, you are mad You are happy, listening to what others got to say
So what’s so awesome about life? So many tragedies and hardships to endure So many closed doors So many times you fall and fumble Days that left you heartbroken and moments that were best to be left unspoken
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