I'm Just a Boat Tossed on the Sea

The first time I talked to you

It was like the waves washed me up onto shore

and I dried out in the sun.

I promised I'd never go back in the waves 

and drift away.


You dreamed of the ocean and

I dreamed of the island.


The first time I saw you watching the waves

more than you ever watched me,

I realized what you craved wasn't human warmth

but the chill and bite of the salty water.


You stayed up watching the sun set over water

while I dug my feet into the sand.


The first time I couldn't find you on the island

I looked out over the water and watched you floating on your back

eyes shut against the sun and a smile on your face.


I called you back to the island

but it took you a long time to listen.


The last time I saw you,

you told me our lives weren't meant to be lived in such a parallel;

her endlessly tossed into the waves while I washed up on the shore.


I call to you from the island

and wish you happiness.


My island is my home 

and happiness comes when I lay in the cool sand

and feel the sun on my face

and even when I look out at the water ceaselessly crashing onto the sand

because I know you're out there loving it.


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Our world
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