The Happy Choice

To find meaning in life

One has to first live it.


At the beginning,

Fear tremulously takes over and grabs ahold. 

It doesn't let go until you feel it suck the life out of you.

But, after that, if you rip the parasite out,

It will grow weak and shrivel up like a raisin in the sun.

After the wind has blown away the carcass,

The wound will heal, 

Leaving a scar oh so tiny,

A memento of the conquest

so valiantly and arduously fought.

In fact, the wound will be become negligible after years.

It won't be invisible,

It will be a part of you.

It will not be something you look at with pain, fear, or disgust. 

Rather, you will look with acceptance and a hint of pride.

You overcame.

You persevered.

You lived.

Life has thrown you sour lemons,

but, with them, you have created the sweetest meringue 

for all around you to enjoy.

The little parasite will be back.

Most parasites are persistent,

But you learn the next time not to worry. 

Your psyche has built immunity to it 

And will not so easily be infiltrated.

The malaise will lessen,

But it will still hurt. 

Sometimes, hurting is a good thing, though.

It means there has been euphoria before,

And euphoria will follow the pain. 

Pain is an undeniable part of life, 

but happiness is, too. 

It all depends on how you think about it.

You can have it all

and still have nothing.

You can have nothing 

an still have it all.

Your happiness is your own.

You can choose to be happy. 

Just make the right choice.

The happy choice.




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