Thu, 08/06/2015 - 22:28 -- s.dia

You wanna know something about yourself?

yes you, reading this poem, expecting some la dee dah.

You write your own story

            your own choices

            your own life

and you know what?

Your fingers strum these intoxicating words that you can’t help but be drunk in your own written thoughts.

Your heart beats to the voices of awakened souls who dare to change the very foundation of corruption.

Your mind roars of thunder when a lost man breathes in a haze of misogyny, sexism, violence, and contempt.

Your voice screams the cries of millions to shatter the fear of the hands of the brutal.

You are the future.


You wanna know something about yourself?

Yes you, doubting yourself, thinking, “you’re not talking about me. Pshh. I can’t do any of that.”

But you know what?

You can

and you are.

Your eyes capture the memories of the innocent, the young, the old, the crooked, the dead.

Your lips lock into the very essence of the truth.

Your hands crush the spoken lies and mold the hidden facts into the ideals that we now hold.

You are the future.


You are the light that shines through the cracks of disorder and despair.

You are a whirlpool of colors

                               the faded yellows to raging red

                               the very blood of your being

                               becoming dreamy and wistful breathing

You are you.

You are awesome.


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