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His Sea Package came with a sign that read: Run! Don't walk! Sex, no talk! One night and don't you dare stalk!


 But it was cool see....

 Coming across this piece of land there was no need for a greeting,                                                      

 Her aqua soul had already captured your sense, As if immense in a pool of blood and those      Sinful desires..Shark..                                                      

 And her body. Bait.                                          

 Daily disguises in the lipstick and eyeliner was just a reminder that no internal happiness was  within. All those concealers have concealed her from the real HER,                                                

 Thus much of this shallow thinking provoked a dive into the deep end                                           



 In more of his unworthy sea package. WISH! WASH! It seemed as if everytime the ship got angry,  Out came a burst of steam from his engine,                                                                                Suffocating her into silent breezes no one sees it..considering her low self-esteem.

 So, that night she fed her pillow with salt water and in the morning..                                                

 She boarded the dock contemplating last night's sensations,                                                    While his sailing SHIP left behind RELATIONS and ruin..                                                              No rubies to give and feeling alone,                                                                                          Failing to realize that instead of waiting on a real ship she chose a boat full of hormones                

And having no map to guide her remained lost at sea falling into the coast of his unworthy sea package.

Who convinces her he's the ocean,

Who convinces her he's the world,

Who convinces her that her shell has no pearls

..but no matter how many shipwrecks, not confusing simple with complex                                      

 Just remember: Your shell is no damn object.


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I hope you all enjoy this very personal piece of mine.

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