Without the Sun

Basking under its reflection, soaking up its warmth, without it we wouldn't know world we have, and all would be in darkness and life would be unknown. The Sun allows us to have endless possibilities, it gives us our world, without the Sun our world couldn't be so alive. When the sun beams through the clouds, a perfect combination of warmth fills up the world so that we could live perfectly content as we go about our days. This awesome world it is letting us remain here as long as we take care of it, accepting us as we are and continuing to live out its finite life. With no given reassurance, we trust it. Slowly cradling us in which we have no regard, as it rotates day by day. With the Sun and clouds comforting us, the ocean healing us, and the changing temperatures directing us to push through life, the world has a true blessing with its unconditional love.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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