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Nothing is awesome these days That's for sure When we can do nothing in this during this wild, busy time  When we can just sit, watch people pass by Walking their dogs and running off to the store
Everything was great on that sunny day,  my sister calling at work? What did she need to say? Her voice was muffled and I couldn't hear, 
My mother is unusual, she enjoys different things I often see her laughing at things that toddlers would laugh at
People's passions pave their way.People's passions make my day. There is no way to describe the beauty in the stroke of a violin,The roll of playful words off a child's tongue.
Everything is awesome and I know that sounds trite because not everything is awesome, with war, famine, discrimination, and corruption shrouding our beautiful planet in a fog of evil so thick
When my breath won't stop shaking, and the walls are closing in,  my breath will catch,  and I can't find a grin, when my hands start to tremble, 
In a careless place And you are a nameless face  Dont forget what's true   Protection is near Hanging high above your head Looking over you    Look up my darling 
Depending on how you look at it A glass is half empty or half full. Me? I’m teetering on the edge of the world.   I lose my balance, I may fall left or maybe even right.
The scars are all over. I think about all of the pain. But also about how much I've gained. Listening to hate, People getting raped. Aiming to succeed, Passing up my problems with a gigantic lead.  
Well, what's awesome? In awe and possibly jealousy of those who want them Want what? Well what's awesome of course! What what's the striven for awesomeness source? Well look at this boy so confident and hip
Always remember where you came from and how much you've grown. Wonder around and be adventurous when it comes to daring to know the unknown. Eventually things will fall in place the more you explore.
Think of visionaries BRIGHT like pink canaries  With thoughts HIGH enough to soar with the eagle Imagination as BROAD as a flock of seagulls Enough foresight to envision at the CAPACITY of a hawks eye
Once Upon A Time, She heard the clock chime, Only to tell her the magic was leaving, But she didn't care for she was believing She would see him again. That blue dress and perfect hair,
Overwhelming. Consuming. Darkness. Depression. Chaos swirling. I am winning over you. Your mind is mine. I have a grip, I will not let you slip. You will not leave my hold.
There is a moment right before one flies, where they know they will soar. When your heart beats too fast, and you can hardly breathe, You realize you'll stay up all night trying to remember the details.  
We used to sneak out at 2am  rolling downhill in freshly dewed grass   We used to catch fireflies that would eventually die convinced that leaves would sustain their lives  
An ordinary person would think because of the b
Helping hands touched my heart to an extent. They saw and felt my pain, my distress and wanted to help.
The way you wake up and get out of bed, The way the warm shower water feels on your head, The way you're so tired and forget what Mom said, You. The way the kids point and and laugh and play,
It's what you grow up hearingEverything is just so awesomeEspecially when you get olderCause then it just gets better
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