Forever Thinking of You


United States
34° 1' 54.2892" N, 94° 21' 23.4468" W

When my breath won't stop shaking,

and the walls are closing in, 

my breath will catch, 

and I can't find a grin,

when my hands start to tremble, 

and i just need some room,

When I can't think straight,

and I'm filled with gloom.


I need a hug, I need some time 

I need a solution to a victimless crime.

When I stand up tall,

and my hands stay steady, 

I know you will be there,

when I am ready.

When I lift up my face, 

and refuse to hide,

I know that you will be by my side. 

And knowing these facts to be true,

I will take the first step, 

Forever thinking of you.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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