My Mother, Alma

My mother is unusual, she enjoys different things

I often see her laughing at things that toddlers would laugh at

And it makes me cringe whenever she sings


Even though she is fourty-eight she likes to have crazy hair

She also doesn't have many friends

But she doesn't seem to care


My mother is so hardworking 

I can't remember a time she hasnt had a job

She often comes home shaking from exhaustion, but that doesn't stop her smirking


When she was younger she suffered from abuse

Her father beat her sensless 

She never lets it haunt her, even though she was left with more than just a bruise


My mother is beautiful, she doesn't give up on her dreams

She is a month away from graduating college after twenty-eight years of trying

I guess she has always known that the future is brighter than it seems


When I think of my mother and all she's done for me

It picks me up on an awful day

And I want her to know she's as awesome as can be.




This poem is about: 
My family
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