We Hide and Do Not Seek

We used to sneak out at 2am 
rolling downhill in freshly dewed grass
We used to catch fireflies that would eventually die
convinced that leaves would sustain their lives
We used to scale brick walls
climb the highest trees and JUMP!
We used to spend whole days in the woods
foraging for "food" just to skip lunch
We used to trespass in junk yards
tiptoe in graveyards
We used to roll grass cigarettes 
and go hard with Pokemon cards
We were Rugrats
We were Jesse Aaron and Leslie Burks
We were the Goonies
Our theme song was Stand by Me
We were free
there was no dare that we dared back down from
no risk not worth the risk
but we bring ourselves down
we hold ourselves back
We need to open our eyes
so that we may once again see
this big bad world that we live in -
can be awesome, wild, and free
no reason for it not to be
This poem is about: 
Our world
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