Nothing is Awesome

Nothing is awesome these days

That's for sure

When we can do nothing in this during this wild, busy time 

When we can just sit, watch people pass by

Walking their dogs and running off to the store

As we sit and relax and do nothing- no more

When we can smell the flowers and colors around us

When we look and see that beauty surrounds us

When the warmth of the sun kisses our skin 

And we stop to enjoy the breeze flowing in 

We sometimes forget these things

In our minds they grow thin

But this is the time to remember them again

This is the time to sit and ignore

All of the stains on the old kitchen floor

This is your time to breath in and breath out

Recognize what life is truely about 

Everything is awesome, this may be true

But nothing can be pretty great too.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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