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I Was Told Yesterday..... That CERTAIN Things WILL NEVER Change... !!!!! Well I Guess That Is TRUE From CERTAIN Points of View... Like Saying Girls Will Get LOOSE For These OLD WEALTHY Dudes... !!!
Each night I sleep I always see, The helmet positioned atop a rifle, Empty boots devoid of life, No longer in service ensuring others live free, A helmet to protect the idea to be free,
The only person who can ever take away your humanity is you. So don’t let them.   You are more than what you tell yourself you are.   The world never stops moving, but you’re allowed to every once and a while.
Don’t give up and never give in Keep fighting the fight and someday you’ll win So don’t give up and never give in I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again   This world will not greet you
Every single human being knows this art Every since we picked up a weapon and fought There is always a victor who fought for what he wanted
As day turns into night,I start to lose my might,And even though I try,That doesn't mean I like to lie. I'll always still fall,And I'll never stand tall.These words may hurt,As if I fell in the dirt.
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
 i am the ghost you  never knew i was the one  you passed and stole a second glance  i was the ghost you would  turn to in times of woe  i was the one who picked you  up  when  you were down 
I look at him He stared at my flashing eyes They're conceived by sadness in disguise  If I stared at it long enough Maybe it'll probably cry Maybe if I speak to it two hours a day, I can try
Sleep controls our minds, it wraps itself around our though process until it seeps into our neurons by the power of suggestion
Enlarge your vision … and You can achieve whatever You put Your mind to ..   increase Your confidence .. inside You are untapped potentials ..   Your dreams can definitely come true ..
Here, the water Is no longer. Here, there are shards of glass. Here is the forbidden And untamed land Everyone seeks and adores. Here, the land is guarded by glass shards...
I thought I loved you   Two hearts melding into one. A picture of joy and happiness. Of completeness. I was glowing in my first love, my first kiss, my first belief in something more than friends
I don't know, for how could I? I am complicated, yet want to be simple No one can tell me who I am For even I can't decide I wish things wouldn't change For good ideas are left to hang.
The knowing of time not being long enough- We waste it with our assumptions of its endlessness.  We assume theres enough,  That there will always be tomorrow. For those with a tomorrow, That never comes,
I've never had the all of devotion, The commitment to the cause. The effort and the knowing what to do. I've never had that assurance. I've never had the effort, All without askance.
I never knew how scarlet red
Never stopped. Even when they told me to When they said I never had the chance I kept going,  I never stopped.    Never quit. When the going got rough, I kept going
To my descendants: When I arrived in this role I had been given, love was blossoming in many ways. People were just learning to love people for who they are, what they are.
I'm afraid.
there's never enough time enough time it's always running out running running out the clock ticking ticking ticking pulsing surging Rushing I'm always Rushing
i have never been completly satisfied
I want to dance and cry and scream, In memory of all the things we think are better forgotten. "Forgive and forget", they say. Forgive, by all means forgive, But, please don't forget?
I have a secret. One I've harbored for 18 years, You can see it on the upturned corners of my mouth, A whisper and a hint hidden in a brown fleck.   I have never been kissed.  
 As I watch the sun come up each dawn; As I watch it set each afternoon;
My love for you is forever It's like the Universe,
The days when you try to look nice, 
  Blood drips above your lips Your heart beats in hyper drive We’ll reach the sky when it is dawn You’ll never cry because I’m never gone  
haunting images scattered on the floor. the cold, dirty floor. memories burning
Never give
on cloudy days she sits alone
Dejection, No affection. Depression, No expression.   Happiness? No. Not anymore. No more blessedness. No more galore.   Why do I still love. Why do I still trust.
Inside my heart are a pile of needles, they stick me often, making me bleed internally This pain is caused by an unknown man A man that was never a father to his child. I've lived 16 years, wondering where he was
I can't make through this pain give up   You'll never find a job man just give up   Don't try harder next time There is no hope for you give up  
We, a entity,  traveling through time With no direction to go Walk with wander and walk with fear Walking to a place that is unknown Do I make a left or make a right? One will never know  
Whose destination is love. YOU and you and You are my definitions. I’ve learned that I’m just in love with a concept. Life doesn’t work that way. I want the best of all; I always end up with
Never misuse, The one who loves you.  Never say busy,  To the one who needs you. Never cheat,  On the one who trusts you. Never forget, To appreciate every moment.   Never ignore, 
I won't go back to the old days, No one can drag me there. I will wipe my hard drive, before I expose our files. The memories we made together are hollow, and I am returning your seeds,  They are merely accessories.
She's alone in the dark with no one to speak to, with no one to hold her, no one to show her love.   Not a sound comes in or out but this little girl's voice crying out for help 
            It was as if the nighttime decided that it wanted to be with me forever,             As if it knew… it knew I didn’t want it.             The large pitch black face of the night, that devil,
Whenever you're scaredJust know I'll always be hereWhenever you're aloneJust know I'll always be nearWhenever you're nervousJust know there's nothing to fearIf times go badDon't be sad
Why did you have to leave? Why did you have to be there? Why did he have to take you? Having to see everyone and everything around me so gloomy was horrifying.
The girl sat on an empty street Her face was as sullen as her surroundings She softly lifted her face in hopes of a single ray of sun
If the world is listening, Let them hear this; My life is not perfect, My life is not bliss. I'm happy almost never. The sadness always stays. I'm always the one who's wrong. I'm always the one who's to blame.
He'll always be that guy, And he'll never be that guy, He'll always take my breath away even just for a second. And he'll never carry me away even just for a second.   It'll always mean everything.
He does not sing to me. To air instead he sweetly hums so soft, caressing ears with sounds melodious, that others' heads turn t'ward the lovely music that they hear.
I become blue as I think of you, but as I get to know You I fall deeper in Love. My sky is no longer blue because each day as the sun rises so do I.
Never stay slient break free of the bondage, break free of the chains you are no longer in slaved, you are no longer denied the voice you were given to speak out about
Never say "I love you" if it really isn't there Never talk about feelings if you really don't care Never look into my eyes if all you do is lie And never say hello if you really mean good-bye
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