Never been kissed

I have a secret.

One I've harbored for 18 years,

You can see it on the upturned corners of my mouth,

A whisper and a hint hidden in a brown fleck.


I have never been kissed.


I have never felt the touch of a lover's soft lips,

Never tasted mint and passion and left over lunches,

I have never felt lust shower me with punches.

I have never been held under the stars, dripping their light over our embraces,

Never inhaled allspice and sweat in the front seat of his car.


I have absolutely never been kissed.


I have never looked into another's eyes with the erratic throbbing of my heart thumping beneath my bones,

Never held a fistful of hair, our mouths smashed together in teenage longing,

I have never encountered the infamous butterflies, brushing their wings against my insides.

I have never known the torture of needing a lover's lips against mine,

Never had a fervent tongue swipe my own.


I have never been kissed . . . 



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