Never Stay Slient


United States
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Never stay slient break free of the bondage,
break free of the chains you are no longer in slaved,
you are no longer denied the voice you were given to speak out about
the crime that has taken place, tell them what has happen,
never cover up what has happened, never tell lies again about what truely happened,
never feel alone, look around you we are all here
never let that person ever place fear in your heart,
speak you mind, never look down nomore
look up at the strong hand that reachs out to you
take it thats your life line for a new start,
no more long nights,
nomore rapes,
nomore mental abuse,
never stay slient about what you been through or are
going through,
there may be someone just like you,
speak out we will not judge you but help you,
speak out and tell your testimony about what happened,
never look down again,
Never Stay Slient.


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