Night and Light

            It was as if the nighttime decided that it wanted to be with me forever,

            As if it knew… it knew I didn’t want it.

            The large pitch black face of the night, that devil,

            His red eyes and yellow horns,

            It laughed and pointed at me.

            I screamed and ran for my bed.

            My bed wasn’t that much safer, however.

            Under the covers of my bed were little red devils, and they were everywhere.

             They ran towards me at the speed of lightning and poked me with their fiery sticks.

            “Help! Help me!” I shrieked in pain.

            All of a sudden, light filled my room.

            The face of God was blocking out the devil.

            As if in the presence of God’s infinite holiness and power,

            The devil shrinked to a pint-sized devil.

            The devil squinted in terror and held his hands up to shade his eyes.

            God picked up the devil and his minions.

            “You haven’t won yet!” the devil shouted in his rage.

            The devil’s fists and feet were everywhere, trying to hit God somehow, someway.

            “I think I have,” God said, calmly.

            The rumble of the ground cracking felt like a gigantic earthquake.

            God dropped the devil and his minions into the Grounds of Hell.

            I crept out from the covers of my bed to get a look at my nightmares going away.

            The devils and his minions were falling at the speed of light.

            They tried to come back up, but the other monsters of Hell wouldn’t let them.

            They grabbed the devil by his horns and his minions by their wings.

            “Welcome back,” they all said, creepily.

            Just as soon as the ground had cracked, the ground shut just as quickly and just as loud.

            “There,” God said, turning to me. “Light will follow you. There is no reason to be afraid.

            You are always safe and sound in my arms.”

            I jumped into God’s arms.

            “Thank you,” I said. “Thank you.”

            God smiled. It was the largest smile I had ever seen.

            “You’re welcome,” He said.

            With that, I feel asleep, and from that day on, I was no longer afraid of anything.

            Not even nighttime. 




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