Unhappy Never

As day turns into night,
I start to lose my might,
And even though I try,
That doesn't mean I like to lie.

I'll always still fall,
And I'll never stand tall.
These words may hurt,
As if I fell in the dirt.

But you dont even know, 
Because I don't want to show,
This thing.
That always will just ring.

In my head,
When im in bed.
All day long,
like a repeating song.

Screeching in my ear,
But not for the final year.
There is no cure,
That i know for sure.

All I want is sleep,
Just to never hear another peep.
To leave this place,
So no one ever has to see my face.

To dream forever,
And be unhappy never.
To feel okay,
Even if I'm away.

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