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[TRIGGERING WARNING: SUBTLE IMPLICATION OF SUICIDAL IDEAS] Unfitted for society, What will I do? I know nobody is fitted for this shit But you cope with it, don't you? Unprepared to earn a living,
Bills, bills, BILLS... ...constantly, incoming.   Money, money, MONEY... ...constantly, outgoing.   Savings, virtually NONE...; As soon as 'any' money comes in...;
I worry for tomorrow, will there be another day? I try to stay strong, but the pain won't go away. We're consumed by this anguish, trapped in solitude.
I think America is great But we need to get a few things straight Unemployment is at a crazy rate This doesn’t have to be America’s fate
America the Great At keeping Gun violence alive   America the Great At avoiding The hungry and deprived  
Black Birds   Black birds, black birds fly in the sky. Oh black birds, black birds why aren’t your words being heard.  
She is only a teenager in a world all alone, Some dude knocked her up and now long gone, After the fact, he knew she was carrying a kid, He hesitated once he found out it was his jit.  
America great? With unemployment rates high? No, I do not think.
What’s the first thing you think of When you hear America? Is it freedom? Or do you think of corruption?   They say it’s the home of the free
It was summer, a hot and humid day Thinking about the beach in Florida And everything that was within our reach Now we’re back in Houston Tears and apprehension are taking over
Pop your collar, working class hippie, rainbow kid in work boots- scorch the earth with defined footprints.
I speak of 'I' as millions of voices calling for change. Every day, every week and every month, I expect to see the changes, Year by year, with promises of hope and unfulfilled dreams,
– Where is the Justice? My feet matches on oil, But lives in a world full of self-doubts and loss, Yet in the faces of challenges, I strive to live on, because in victory tells the story.
Go to pre-k to socialize Go to kindergarten to alphabetize Finish grade school to add, read, and write Start junior high to divide, swallow history, and accept the map
Ode to a time when our nation was            in shamblesWhen war and politics left us            shaken to our coreWhen terrorism frightened us,When our economy was at its lowest,
If I could but for one moment keep at bay the pain, the suffering, the sorrow If I could but for one moment Still the tempest Bring back the blush of life into the cold pale faces
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