America the Corrupt

What’s the first thing you think of

When you hear America?

Is it freedom?

Or do you think of corruption?


They say it’s the home of the free

Land of the brave,

But what are we free of?

And how is it the home of the brave,

If our dear soldiers are never home?


We’re constantly at war,

Not where our troops are always deployed,

But right here at home,

Where freedom is supposed to reside.


We’ve got people fighting every day.

Fighting for their lives,

Trying to find food,

Maybe a place to stay.


We’ve got color discrimination,

Race is tearing us apart.

Even our own leader wants to build a wall,

To tear us more apart.


The unemployment rate is high

And the college rate low.

Tell me, how am I supposed to afford college,

If I don’t even have a home?


If I can’t make it to college,

What job is there for me?

I can barely support myself,

I’m not old enough to work in a factory.


So maybe we American’s have it better than some,

We’ve got government aid right?

Passing out stamps like a free for all,

But they can only give $9,000 in financial aid,

To a student who has to pay their way on their own?


They wonder why unemployment rate is so high,

Why homelessness levels rise

Why less people enlist,

Why only one race matters in most people’s lives


If America truly was about freedom,

We’d have less on the streets,

More people would have jobs,

And less people would be going hungry


I want to ask again, when asked about America,

What pops into your head?

Is it more corruption this time,

Or just freedom instead?

This poem is about: 
My country


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