Little Momma All Alone

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 22:16 -- 1SP

She is only a teenager in a world all alone, 
Some dude knocked her up and now long gone, 
After the fact, he knew she was carrying a kid, 
He hesitated once he found out it was his jit.


Little momma is all alone…


She never deserted him at all for him go, 
But he walked out their lives, no call no show; 
No comfort of man’s security in any measure, 
As the child grows, the father will not treasure.


Little momma is all alone…


Little momma is all alone, 
Pregnant with no one to turn to, 
Little momma didn’t ask to be grown, 
She just fell in love and must learn too? 


Her family now wants to disclaim her, 
Seeing as the child’s father already blamed her; 
Her mother said she should kept her leg closed, 
And her father also gone to where God knows.


Little momma is all alone…


The Aunties and Grandma don’t even care, 
Seems like her best friend is the only one there, 
But she has children too and shares a home
With the second child’s father who was gone.


Little momma is all alone…


Little momma is alone, 
Carrying a baby girl all by herself, 
Little momma never was a shone, 
She just gave it to one man and has no help? 


Little momma… I see her strife, 
I cannot imagine the pain and stress
On such a young lady’s life
She has seen a lot through God’s test.


Little momma… she can make it, 
I know that she really can; 
God designed her to face this, 
So she does not even need any man.


But yet and still, little momma is all alone... 

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A mother raising a child of her own is gaining strength each day
A single mother who love Christ wants that man to complete her
The Lord provides

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