Black Birds

Black Birds


Black birds, black birds

fly in the sky.

Oh black birds, black birds

why aren’t your words being heard.


Black boys are the norm for being toys for

white boys who take joy in keeping blacks

depressed and oppressed and

distressed under this mess we call the

Unites States of America.

Surprise, whites devise to kill and despise, then go

to church and give tithe so that there remains

no crimes and no verdict.

Surprise, there are none for black people. We

see all, we know about the call that was

made when white paul said he hauled after

making another black boy fall.

So much for being the “United States”

whose only cause is to judge and debate

the fate that continues to unleash

the white dogs from the hell gates.

That’s why Black pride still thrives as

black people still rise and multiply,

marching tall through it all because we

want to put guilty whites behind bars

where they belong.

Some may find this abrasive, I’m just trying to

face this potential hatred all mixed up

in the matrix of the black and white faces, and

other races.

I don’t understand this world and as

much as I learn, my skin continues to burn

like I’m preparing myself

for an urn and while it might feel like a

sudden turn--it’s my reality.

The hurt, the anger, the hatred wants to take over and over

like the whites took over the Blacks, and the

Native Americans and the British and the Cubans

and I could go on and on, but that won’t stop

my concern for when I return to my mother

burned down into ashes

I’ve seen a lot of bad and too little of the good

and it's time that I show my hood that

some good could come from the taken childhoods

and white man’s falsehood which continues

to turn my neighborhood into plywood.

See, whites don’t like to hear

all the severe they’ve caused over

the years, but white people don't fear,

for I volunteer to make it all clear and

interfere with this notion that me and my peers

are far too infere to cause you to become

an alcoholic from unemployment.

Unless you’re a jailbird cause I heard

only 45% get employment. It’s sad and

it makes me mad because the world could

not be as bad as the media makes it seems to be on TV.

Because there's so much we can do to

end prison profit and the view

that prison is the right place for the

african american race when really the case is to

degrade our color and our knowledge base

so they can “feel” safe.

I’m still struggling to face what makes us

so evil or what makes bad things

legal. I just want life to be free without

the crime or confederacy that the country sees.

I’m seriously tired of being the lost songbird

because I keep writing these black words

that fly in the sky like black birds,

like white birds only continuously unheard

in this country we call free with a liberal and justice democracy.

God Rest America.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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