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My Loud Whisper
No matter what you say and show The truth very much, I do know With me, you cherish to talk Side by side, you want to walk Your deepest mind, you wish to share You also need to breathe fresh air
Accused, humiliated and chastened Guilty of being naive, kiddish and candid "I'm sorry ", I said. And then Fancied did I as well "I'm sorry too" From you_ Don't you think to me it was due?
Holla good-sister Aye good-brother I'm always thy brother I thank thee, O pious! Holla dear brother Aye dear sister I await thee Good heavens thou art a sinner!
I: "It's too hard to accept that you are gone." You: "But the fact is I've, how long this false hope you can keep on?" I: "It's too hard crying for you, to cease." You: "But you have to find an inner peace."
I: I've admiration for you, as such! You: How much? I: A lot and beside. You: Why'd? I: Should I reveal? You: Yes please, don't conceal! I: Ok, then lend me your ear,
(For my autistic, non-verbak son Hassan)
We know each other so well We are loved by each other I study your face, the way you move, your smell Simply the way you are, got me under your spell
We were, two lurking knifes. Against the LOW: Criminals.
The onyx of my eye confesses on this page:soft and torn with a leaking edge,My breath sinks into creamy lines:a fusion of cursive, print,and shallows of wine,My lashes accumulate dust
to Love, One must giVe and takE to Love, One must bend, neVer brEak to Love
For me poetry isn't just simple words on paper Those knawing thoughts inside my mind I said to save for later Until one day I realized that no longer could I live
It was at the tender age of 11, In which I entered this place called Poetry Heaven. I had a little taste of Shakespeare,Dickinson, Angelou and Hughes,
There's something we all want, Yet most never admit. It floats in your thoughts, Don't just let it sit. Jump up and reach out, Love waits for no one. Don't whisper it, shout!
Day in, Day out. Old news, Old games. One hears, One listens, But only some Write.   Still beauty of nature in the cold, The rushing wind in the fast moving city.
life is music love is our song and i found my heart  where love belongs and we had a bong that was really strong thought you could never do me wrong but a couple times you've proved me wrong
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