Gems of Wisdom

It was at the tender age of 11,

In which I entered this place called Poetry Heaven.

I had a little taste of Shakespeare,Dickinson, Angelou and Hughes,

A motley of poetic styles-I simply could not choose,

The one that could be deemed as the most exemplar…

Nonetheless, they have inspired me-

Captivated and motivated my mind

To simply make the darkest parts of myself  shine.

How divine! Storytelling can be…

That's all that poetry is and it's amazing what you can discover when you  delve down deep.

Phenomenal Woman, Tell the Truth or Tell it Slant, A Dream Deferred, Shall I Compare Thee to Summer’s Day?-All have a special place in my heart.

These poems indeed, are a work of art.

It's amazing how a few words turned into powerful phrases, organized into lines and verses

Can instantly become apart of history.

But its no mystery….

That the beauty of poetry will forever stand the tests of time.

Because it is through the lessons that we learn

And the things we unearth while analyzing such gems of wisdom,

That make the world a little better, a little less scarier.

But most importantly it makes us all the more merrier.

I love how I can be so FREE when it comes down to poetry.

Yes, I know my worth-it is truly incalculable

And I realize that poetry truly makes my stories all the more palpable.


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Woooww, just Woooww...your flow, your style and that I relate to this poem in how I can just tell everything in poetry. I love it, can I have an autograph?


Thank you so much! :) :) And as for the autograph-absolutely! Lol :)

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