Why I Write


Day in,

Day out.

Old news,

Old games.

One hears,

One listens,

But only some



Still beauty of nature in the cold,

The rushing wind in the fast moving city.

To some, it is nothing.

To others, it is a poem. 


To myself,

new thoughts,

new memories,

new ideas,

and new creations

run through my mind. 

Some good,

Some bad,

but always

an excellent poem.


Maybe, I think differently than the rest.

Maybe, my mind runs a different path.

Maybe, I can't express as others do.

Maybe, I just enjoy to write.


Why I write

is your question.

But why I write

is my answer. 




Alyssa Marich

Looking online for classic poems, I happened to run across this scholarship. I thought it was unbelievably perfect for me. I have loved poetry for years, longer than I can remember. Everytime I'm frustrated or having a bad day, I turn on my computer and write for hours about anything I can. It is the only way I keep myself relaxed and it makes me unique in my own special way. Thank you for reading my poem. :) 

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