Believe Me

We know each other so well

We are loved by each other

I study your face, the way you move, your smell

Simply the way you are, got me under your spell

Loving you is the easiest thing i have known

The birds sing a little louder, the sky seems to be clearer

My vision is clearer and the light at the end of the tunnel seems nearer

I look through a kaleidoscope and i see a future with you of beautiful colors

My love for you, i am jumping on clouds and everyday feels like summer

On the bright side is where i found you, if we ever find ourselves on the other side, we will come back

You are the sunshine of my life

If you ever worry, remember my words when I say there is no other for me in this life

I knew when we kissed, I found love

You are like a beautiful song with flowers in your heart

If you ever worry, remember my words when i say nothing could drive me away

If you were to ask me why, i wouldn’t know where to start

Believe me when I say nothing could get in the way

I believe what we have will be forever so believe me when i say I will stay

Your beautiful soul is painted with every color there may be

And your heart painted with every rose there is

Believe me when i say i will see you through until the day my life is through

Believe me when i say again, there will never be no other in the world for me


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