Man's Greatest Desire

There's something we all want,

Yet most never admit.

It floats in your thoughts,

Don't just let it sit.

Jump up and reach out,

Love waits for no one.

Don't whisper it, shout!

When you think it's over,

When you think you're done.

Just remember the people,

Your family, not none.

Love might let you fall,

But new love will grow.

I'm telling you this,

Because everyone should know.

When you've got a crush,

But you're afraid to say.

Tell them, be brave,

Let happen what may.

Love is like a flower,

Fragile like Spring.

Love is like a river,

Such a flowing thing.

Never regret it,

Always look for more.

You never know when,

Love will come to your door.

It's what we want most,

Our greatest desire.

Love for one, love for all,

Let it grow like a roaring fire.

Love is beautiful,

Like the light of day.

Love is paradise,

A place for new wonders to play.

Now go, find your love,

Let come what may.

Remember how to speak,

Let love flow from what you say.


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