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It's a long shot Some David and Goliath shit If Goliath were a whole damn city And everyone bet on David losing And David showed up to the fight refusing     But I'll do it
They've given up on me And I on them Ordering my days by How to best pretend We stand a chance Selfishly numbing what I can't takeOf their circumstance  
Arid remarks Shrugged-off side glances Painted with painful disdains Torment and colorful disgust Intrinsically defined by nothing but Side comments and catcalls— Little girl.
The struggle is real they say.. But I've never seen it any other way. I've seen rape and torture and sexual abuse... I've seen neglect, been abandoned and robbed of my youth.
9 $10s  90 $1s 900 dimes 9000 pennies  Is that my worth?  People, they're meant to be priceless Traffickers, they call them useless Victims, they feel so hopeless  All this less,
I am your objective, your currency of pleasure, your object of desire for secret endeavorsYour makeshift girlfriend, a hired girlfriend experienceYour midnight walk in the park or your Cat-ness in the lion’s den
You would rather settle for less? Another night on the screen answers yes You couldnt keep from wondering eyes Your mouth was filled with lies What was your thought about me?
From the day we are born in our lives are in danger.From the moment she took her first breath,Her fate had been decided.She never even made it home.Straight to the chicken farm she went.
Trapped in a cage with no way out Not a cage with walls  Just rooms scattered through halls Every now and then you hear a shout   Women who have been hurt They flee this brutal instititution
Do you hear the sound of their clanging chains? Though it may not be heard one thing remains. In the silence of their walls, they lay absent from the world in the sun, or in beating rains.
She was everything her mother had dreamed of
I spent a year in a foreign placeWandering about what truths I would learn or face...
Hardscrabble life
What harm can we do you on our knees?
Birthed from the ashes, like a phoenix perhaps? The dress dares to be strikingly close to the color of said bird Clipped wings give you reassurance, Relieved?
Lines of bodies piled one behind another, Sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, Looking for a few walls to cover their heads, Hoping a few mouths could be fed.   But there was no room in the inn, said Jim.
Ladies and Gentleman, this one is tall. She’s got long legs, short black hair, and big brown eyes. We’ll start the bid off high at $50. Who wants to buy this exotic beauty for $50? No? How about $70? Okay, last bid. $90 for this Eastern gem.
A child lay still on the hard ground with no chance of life Click A girl lay with a possible bruised and battered because of human trafficking Click There’s one less life on earth because of suicide Click
  I am dreaming I’m scared and alone, It’s dark in here I hear footsteps, They sound far away   But they are getting closer …and closer… and closer. A door opens a shadow appears,
We prepare long and hard Sweating and in pain We arrive and the the air is dry and stiff I hear no language that I know And acknowledge my detachment from familiarity  We arrive to our new home After a bumpy ride In a run-down, old, moldy bus The
A wonderer -- A wanderer -- Imagine it! To be. Where you adjust your frame of mind to fit your every piece.  And every patch you thought was waste? And shard that pricked and screeched?
Asha Neeman grew up in the suburbs of the big city, Always making others laugh, She was so witty. A great athlete and a straight “A” student, Every boy wanted to be with her, But hated her prudence.
Take me back to the days of a Ghanaian sunset. When hope dwelled above the waters of despair And I gazed into the eyes of a sinking soul. Where trust and fear were honest and pure --
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