Thoughts of a Dancer


I am your objective, your currency of pleasure, your object of desire for secret endeavors
Your makeshift girlfriend, a hired girlfriend experience
Your midnight walk in the park or your Cat-ness in the lion’s den
Your’ purchased tiny dancer, as I spin in your hand

I am face-less, for you do not see my soul
I aim to please and tease, make you feel as though u have control
Inside my heart is heavy and slowly grows cold, from years of pretending,
Lie’s I’ve told, memories I’ve sold
That’s a part of me, you will never know

I have been made an object of you passions, a lustful table set for one
A dehumanized object for your pleasure and fun

My only purpose
To satisfy you - while my soul sits in silence waiting for this to end
Don’t look at me with masked sincerity, I will never be your friend

I am very much aware of this game
You paid my price for your fun
The clock is ticking, time is now up, while I take your money and run

I am face-less, for you will never see my soul
My life was meant to be lived, now its circumstance controlled
As a dancer I am faceless, for who really sees my soul?
Who sees my heart, my struggle, the hurt and pain?
How I had to laugh in the face of adversity and rain
My endurance and the strength it takes to keep on going
When leaving is all I want to do
Numbing yourself to the pain, just to get through

I am faceless for you will never see my soul, for that is hidden in bright lights, false nights, and what I have been told
I am an object of your desire, I’ve sold myself as your currency provider, a dehumanized appetizer, your’ midnight tranquilizer
I am face-less for you will never see my soul, you’ve only purchased my body, my heart you can’t control




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