The Sound of their Clanging Chains

Do you hear the sound of their clanging chains?

Though it may not be heard one thing remains.

In the silence of their walls, they lay absent from the world in the sun, or in beating rains.

Drugged, abused, beaten, and shamed 

They are raped, abandoned with no voice to proclaim.

The clanging of chains is what they live,

Sold for a rape is what they give.

Taken of their virginity, freedom, and dignity;

They are robbed of a life that once had lividity.

Is there not hope that we could see an end

To this world-wide trade business to which money we send.

Through pornography, prostitution, and trafficking alike,

In streets, and brothels it continues through the night.

Let us see an end

May hope transcend, 

On the victims of this business with no choice at all.

Do you hear the sound of the clanging chains?

Heard or not heard, one thing remains.

Human trafficking is real, whether or not you hear the chains.

Be the voice, be the change for the victims out there.

In chains, and abandoned, at the ceiling they stare.


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